Vivid’s Back With a Bang as Opening Week Draws Crowds to Sydney

Following two years’ worth of cancelled gigs, the Vivid Live music festival has made a spectacular comeback, attracting crowds of thousands over the weekend. 

Images: supplied
 Source: Amelia Phelps | CANVA

While it’s been a long wait since the lights went out on Vivid Sydney 2019, attendees welcomed the festival back with open arms on Friday night. 

Sydney local Skye Gregory attended Vivid’s opening night and said the night was a bustling success and trumped her last visit.

“They have new spots to listen to music around town rather than it just being exclusive to Circular Quay,” Gregory said.

“Lots of lines and big crowds – it was much better this year compared to when I last went.”  

Featuring an 8-kilometre trail and some 200 shows over the course of May and June, Vivid has been coined the largest of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere. 

Vivid’s lights adorn the Sydney Opera House after a two-year wait
Image: supplied

Over the next two months, the festival will welcome a colossal line-up of more than 70 local and international music acts across six performance spaces at Sydney Opera house. 

This week’s early event-goers got a taste of not only scheduled musicians but also street performers and buskers who have lined the streets of Sydney. 

Crowds gathered around a street performer in a carp mask singing old timey tunes
Footage: supplied

In its now 12th year, Vivid has captivated the city’s attention and is expected to provide a much-needed boost to the local economy, with the live music line-up a major part of its success. 

Attendees dined and danced to DJ acts aboard boats on Sydney Harbour over the week
Footage: Supplied

Sydney-based R&B vocalist, songwriter and choreographer GLO will host Going Under: Culture Re-set – a showcase of diverse Bla(c)k talent spanning movement art, live performances and live DJ sets. 

Sydney-based R&B artist GLO
Image: supplied

GLO said the event intends to highlight Bla(c)k music, art, expression and culture.

“I look up to these visionaries [on the line-up] so much and I’m so proud of them and their journeys,” GLO said. 

“I love seeing Bla(c)k people in this industry carve their own path and in turn, carve a path for all of us.”

Culture Re-set is the second in a series of three artist-led, immersive music shows which will be presented at Mary’s Underground

The Going Under series will deliver diverse talent spanning live music/DJ sets, movement art, dance and Afrofuturism. 

While many have been quick to rejoice at Vivid’s return, some have felt the long wait didn’t quite pay off. 

Attendee of week 1 of Vivid Merralissa Wintzloff said the night was less than eventful.

“The experience wasn’t as good as I thought it would be and I think social media played a lot into that,” Wintzloff said.

“I wouldn’t recommend it; you can see all the highlights on TikTok and save yourself travelling to the city.”

Running from May 27 until June 18, audiences will have plenty of opportunities to decide their take on Vivid Sydney.


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