Let’s Talk About ADHD – a summary

In Future Cultures, students are tasked with producing a digital artefact (DA) that addresses the future and has a clear target audience and public utility.

In this summary I will:

  1. Outline my DA – including the concept, methodology, public utility and trajectory.
  2. Identify background research that informed my DA.
  3. Provide evidence of continual refinement of DA across the duration of the semester – a timeline comparison of the one included in my original DA pitch vs. how the project actually progressed.

1. DA overview

At the start of this semester, I pitched a concept to produce a business plan for my pre-existing Instagram account/brand – Let’s Talk About ADHD – spanning across three blog posts, as well as a nine-week content production/posting schedule. The resulting final product closely reflects this pitch; however, a structural change to the business plan was made and it was split into two posts rather than three.

You can view my Digital Artefact here:

Digital Artefact Pitch

Part 1 of my business plan

Part 2 of my business plan

Let’s Talk About ADHD socials: InstagramTwitterFacebook.

DA outline:

Image 1: Let’s Talk About ADHD business plan and content schedule – project outline
Source: Amelia Phelps | CANVA

2. Background research

Prior to commencing production of my digital artefact, I conducted formative and operational research about business plans and content scheduling as well as underpinned concepts and theories from lecture materials to the core purpose and functionality of my DA to ensure my DA would address the Future Cultures challenge

The chief sources I relied on to develop an understanding of the structure of a business plan and what should and shouldn’t be included in the plan for Let’s Talk About ADHD included:

Lecture concepts and theories:

  • Wendell Bell’s theory of possible, probable and preferable futures allowed me to identify these futures within my chosen career of content creation and digital marketing – this connection was explicitly made in the audio element of part 2 of my DA. 
  • Masini’s understanding of a futurist’s social responsibility and multiple futures aligned well with my DA and guided my production of content to support and uplift a marginalised, stigmatised and misunderstood community. 
  • Cathy Hackl’s specialist understanding of the metaverse and it’s role in the short to long term future helped to inform and direct my future thinking regarding my career in content creation and digital marketing.

3. Project timeline comparison

As I set myself up for a significant amount of work within this DA, my original projected timeline differed from the actual outcome, however I did follow my content schedule’s closely and engaged in consistent daily interactions on the brand’s socials as I originally intended to. Thus, I would say that while the amount of work was achievable, the timeline was inaccurate and should have more closely reflected my ADHD tendency to leave things to the last minute to get that dopamine boost hah!

Original Timeline:

Image 2: Original predicted production timeline
Source: Amelia Phelps | CANVA

Actual timeline:

Image 3: Actual production timeline
Source: Amelia Phelps | CANVA