“Enticement” & more …

In every sort of job whether it be a chef, a dancer, a salesman, or as it so happens – a journalist – the primary goal is to entice. To entice the critic, the audience, the reader etc. is to ensure that they’ll want more and that they’ll indeed come back for more.

Similarly, on every platform of media whether it be a social one such as Facebook, or an informative one like a televised news program, the primary goal is also to entice. To entice is to gain more likes, more engagement and more viewers, thus ensuring that they’ll come back for more.

This notion of enticement can be demonstrated in any or every other aspect of life (politics, blossoming friendships or relationships, blah blah blah you get the point) because we as humans are naturally attracted to anything that intrigues us.

So, this whole idea begs the question – how can I entice you as a reader? What can I say or do that will leave you with a vast desire for more? After all, this is just the beginning of an attempt to create an inaugural blog, conducted by a 19-year-old first year journalist student, who drinks far too much coffee and has never truly mastered the art of reverse parking.

Should I introduce myself in a comical way? Or would that leave the impression that I’m not serious or passionate about this blog? Should I try a more mature approach? Or would that suggest that I just lack fun? Yes, these questions have been plaguing me since I first opened this document 4 days ago and no, the fact that probably less than five people will ever read this does not help to calm my control-freak/perfectionist tendencies.

Well, how about I start simply with this. An introduction and a promise:

Hi, my name is Amelia but I prefer Milly. I like to talk, a lot. Pasta and I are in a long-term committed relationship. My lucky number is 11.

Oh, and, I fully intend to take on every mental breakdown that emanates due to the study of Journalism and turn it into something remarkable. It’s a promise, of which I’m sure you’ll find to be rather … wait for it… enticing.


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